We are a species of destruction. We are most aware of our mortality and in this, we are least aware of our propensity for destruction. As if, we are angry that we are mortal and everything thus most also meet its premature death.

Tree, is an installation about the distance between life and loss. Using the symbol of a tree, the installation plays on an experience of life and death and the human role in bringing about both extremes. The piece’s fragility can be witnessed as the exhibition progresses. The installation projects a future where man can only remember something that once existed called “tree.”


Tree is part of Fore•cast, a collaborative exhibition by Gor Soudan, Jackie Karuti and Wambui Kamiru that explores how past, present and future action are linked in creating a shared human experience, through looking at a time when things “were”. It opens for one week, at Goethe in Nairobi.

Exhibition Opening
Wednesday, 15th July 2015, 7.00 pm

Thursday, 16th July to Wednesday, 22nd July 2015, 1.00 – 6.00 pm


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