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Liberated African Woman (2014)

Fela Kuti talks about a woman who thinks she is liberated but is actually not. A critique on feminism. An African woman dances in this painting, clapped for by others – oblivious to her “mental incarceration.” A painting inspired by the actions of an artist – observations made. #subtweet Acrylic on ...

First Sighting (2010)

An exploration of pregnancy, labour and the process of becoming a mother and seeing the world through new eyes. *142/146* are the heart rates of the twins that this woman carried while*19% – 99%* is the measurement of pain allocated to each contraction. The painting is split in half by the linea nigra just the ...

Bottomless Nest (2012)

A woman lies beside the man she loves, longing to carry his child, separated by what feels like a sea between her undulating hips and the mountainous silhouette of his body lying next to hers. The first of a series of three paintings inspired by artwork by Keith Haring and Michael Soi. Acrylic on canvas ...

Woman Attacks (2013)

A transition from a dark place to a new life pushes this woman to rise and grow in a new understanding of life. Woman attacks is about a magnificent journey, taken step by step with references to the Ugandan fable of the mouse and the elephant. Acrylic on canvas with newspaper print and silver marker.