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Gift Hearing (2012)

  A pause made in the artist’s life two years ago, to listen to what is truly in her heart. The painting is an aerial view of Kuona Trust and the artist in process, surrounded by jacaranda trees. Acrylic on jinja cloth and newspaper print.

Untitled (Glee) 2013

A three part piece that represents people and places that are important to the artist. New identities and roles becoming are given life by limitless possibilities, many of which are awesomely interconnected. Acrylic on canvas, oil pastel and magazine print.

First Sighting (2010)

An exploration of pregnancy, labour and the process of becoming a mother and seeing the world through new eyes. *142/146* are the heart rates of the twins that this woman carried while*19% – 99%* is the measurement of pain allocated to each contraction. The painting is split in half by the linea nigra just the ...

Sees (2012)

People will see what they want to see about a particular situation. The bold lines represent the clarity of mind of the person being observed and judged through the mess/confusion that people see, cluster and gossip about. Acrylic on canvas, newspaper print and charcoal.

Bottomless Nest (2012)

A woman lies beside the man she loves, longing to carry his child, separated by what feels like a sea between her undulating hips and the mountainous silhouette of his body lying next to hers. The first of a series of three paintings inspired by artwork by Keith Haring and Michael Soi. Acrylic on canvas ...

1-2-3 Web (2012)

A dark cloud looms over a union. The union is split over a strike to the heart creating a web of three. This messy web leads to pain and bleeding. Two lines along the edge of the canvas represent the emergence of a new union of two. Acrylic on canvas with newspaper print.

Highlife (2012)

With words lifted from Jill Scott’s Golden this painting is about the joy of eating a sweet ripe mango in the glory of the African sun. This is an ode to being able to paint and use that to express myself. It comes as naturally as eating that mango with the sun on my skin. ...

Seek to Reopen (2012)

A depiction of the acceptance that things happen at their own time and that all one can do is live each day as it comes. Hand prints count each day which is lived in a maze and under scrutiny by others. This painting recognises new influences in calming existing anger and pain. Acrylic on canvas ...

Stay (2011)

Inspired by a dream the artist paints the emotion one feels when morning beckons on one’s blanket and in a dreamlike state one wishes to hang onto the feeling of being the arms of their loved one. The copper wire is woven in a representation of that feeling between asleep and slight awake when sunlight ...