Hello Rajiv

Title: “Hi Rajiv.”

Medium: Photography on Cotton Paper

Dimensions: 148x210mm (hxw)

Edition 1/3

Hi Rajiv.” explores the line between intimacy, freedom and the mundane. The images are photographs taken in travels of wide-open spaces, with coordinates pin-pointing the exact location on Google Maps. On them is the mundane, lists scribbled for shopping to be Whatsapped to Rajiv, the manager at the local grocery store. In this weekly exchange, Rajiv gets intimate insight on what the artist’s home utilizes and about the personalities in her home. Through the items that the artist requests, Rajiv can also tell the mood of the house. It explores the relationship between strangers, who have never met but who find themselves in this situation because of social distancing.

The juxtaposition between the mundane and images of freedom demonstrates the desire to gain control of one’s movement and opportunities to do simple things such as shopping.