Pray for us, as we reply, forward, delete or archive. (2018)

Pray for us, as we reply, forward, delete or archive looks at the way in which we are remotely affected by grief in an online world. In five letters to five children who have seen the brutality of humanity, the artist seeks penance, albeit remotely.
Based on the Kübler-Ross Model from the book, On Death and Dying, this piece explores the third stage of grief – bargaining. Within bargaining, the artwork looks at the process of prayer and seeking penance in negotiation for relief from grief. The artwork borrows heavily from Marian devotion.
This work was shown as part of the group show: “New Threads – Investigating Process and Materials” at Circle Art Gallery (2018).
Installation view: Circle Art Gallery
Rose Petals
Novena for Jeremy
Novena for Aylan
Novena for Samantha