All My Venus Days (2022)

“All My Venus Days”

An Installation about the Processing of Grief

This work touches on a very human emotion/state of being and is influenced heavily by the work of Taiwanese-American artist, Tehching Hsieh. The installation is a philosophical approach to human immortality and impermanence. It is a reflection on what is important and demands that the audience reflect on the same.

The work documented over a period of nine months initially and then two years of a period of mourning provided the artist the opportunity to interrogate the experience of grief. While attending to her sick husband, the artist documented her own present moments.

In the context of Kenya, in a country that is constantly in grieving over its political, social and economic situation, the work not only ties to the larger populace but also to the individual experience of grief over loss. Further with the global pandemic of Covid-19, grief has become commonplace and a universally shared experience.

This work was realized through a partnership with the Goethe-Institut Kenya, Tira Studio and The Art Space.

Photos: Eric Muriu