"Lately," said my paintbrush.

“Lately,” said my paintbrush as it swept my soul across the body of paint and spread me onto the canvas.

Things have changed in regards to how my paintbrush wants to paint.

Influences too have moved. From Jackson Pollock and (sometimes) Keith Haring.

New voices are Gustav Klimt and Jean Paul Gautier.

The Kiss and Immaculate No. 3.

Immaculate No. 3 - Jean Paul Gautier
Immaculate No. 3 – Jean Paul Gautier


The Kiss - Gustav Klimt
The Kiss – Gustav Klimt


And Yassir Ali Mohammed- Sudanese Painter based at Kuona Trust

Yassir Ali Mohammed

Bold colours, layers and patterns. Magazine print under acrylic on canvas with silver pen.

I am at once timid and undone. Bold and hidden.


Written by Wambui