#IMOTomorrow I am moving out. Tomorrow. : The Installation

“I am moving out. Tomorrow.” was created as part of the group show “Concerning the Internal” at Circle Art Gallery.

It was a personal piece that showed the movement from love to loss and the process it took to get the occupier of the room to reach the decision to leave her failing marriage. It was a snapshot of the room and woman’s state at 3:23am on the morning that she leaves her marital home.

Within the installation, the audience wrote notes on yellow card for the woman, telling her of their own experiences and offering thoughts on her situation. 35 cards were collected and all of them, except one have been posted on this blog under the catergory: #IMOTomorrow

The names on the cards are kept anonymous for obvious reasons.


Photo credits and great thanks go to: Emmanuel Jambo and Tutu. Mucho Gracias!

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Written by Wambui