#Harambee63 – Sign Hunting

It's a sign!
It’s a sign!

A good exhibition needs good signage.

Last week, I visited Gathee, a sign writer who has a “shop” along Ngong Road. He will be the official identity for the unusual location for the #Harambee63 exhibition at Kuona Trust. He had just completed a sign over which he had differed with the client. The client wanted the sign spelt one way and Gathee wanted it spelt the correct way. He had spent the morning debating on whether he really needed that job.

Gathee is my sign writer for this project precicely because he is like that.

And also because he is an artist and his “shop” is an oasis under a tree.

In the past, Gathee’s type of art has been an example of social commentary particularly in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Written by Wambui