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Moving House

So I finally got around to finding a permanent home (for the foreseeable future) online. I won’t be updating my old WordPress blog any more. So don’t accost me out there (Namesake from the Safaricom Jazz Festival, I see you) and blame me for not writing. Find me here: www.wambuikamiru.com    

A Letter to My Children

To my dear children, You will have stumbled on this page as a teenager. In your exploration of who your mother is, you have come across some things that are true and some things that are not. The internet does not forget and one day one of your classmates will say something about something they ...

Your Name Betrays You

“Your Name Betrays You” opened on Thursday 19th of Feb 2015. Thank you to the 200 people who turned up on the opening night and to the many who have been coming through. The exhibition closes on Sunday 8th of March 2015.  

#YourNameBetraysYou : The Installation

#YourNameBetraysYou followed on the very famous words by Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who unknowingly but profoundly pointed to the conversations that we have in private concerning “the other tribe.” The installation sought to bring to public what we say about other ethnic groups and consisted of a wall ...

#Harambee63: The Installation

#Harambee63 was a debut solo installation that talked about Panafricanism, using the Mau Mau War was the focal point. It talked about ordinary people becoming revolutionaries. It was first shown at Kuona Trust. Using graphic stencils and video, Harambee63 introduced 63 faces of the global war against racial oppression that ...

#Tree: The Installation

“Tree” was part of the group show “Forecast” that brought together Jackie Karuti, Gor Soudan and myself at the Goethe Institute Nairobi. “Tree” was the creation of a tree by someone who had never seen a tree but had been given the definition from memory by someone who once knew what a ...